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What happens on Internet in a single minute?

I was lurking around in some Forums today. Oh well, yeah, I was looking for decent forums where to promote my site, but that’s other story I’m planning to tell about.

I stumbled upon a really interesting chart.

How well do you know Internet? What people do online? We use Facebook, mail, read news, make bank transactions, many work online.. But what actually happens in one single minute?
Well, watch:
Qmee Online in 60 Seconds Infographic
Online in 60 Seconds [Infographic] is an infographic that was produced by Qmee

And that’s probably just the beginning… As for Internet marketers, especially Affiliate marketers- look the amount of money that Amazon cash in every 60 seconds. It makes just under 120 million dollars per day. And it’s just Amazon… Now imagine how much side costs move into people’s pockets for advertising. What if you’d get a little slice out of it…?

But it is possible. Read here, how to start making money with affiliate marketing.

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